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About DV GIS

Russian Automotive Market Research offers DV GIS - a special program for complex analysis of spatial data.  DV GIS is a new way of structuring information on the vehicle market and dealer networks developed on the basis of integration with geographical sales and fleets data.

DV GIS is used for:

  • management of business processes: assessment of business performance and its subsidiaries, competitive environment, overlap of activities of business units belonging to the same network, optimization and control of logistics, reduction of transport costs;
  • decision-making on business development: assessment of necessity and feasibility of opening new sales and service points, search of the most favorable location for new business units;
  • expansion of the customer base: analysis of the number and structure of corporate fleets, the volume and dynamics of vehicle purchase, assessment of current and future needs of companies in vehicles;
  • forecasting of the regional market capacity: sales of vehicles, spare parts, services;
  • development of special services based on the program.

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