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Forestry and agriculture

14.08.2018 / Tatarstan forests will be monitored from space

The Ministry of Forestry of Tatarstan Republic held a presentation of special geographic information services developed for the Ministry within the «Digital model of Tatarstan Republic» project. Using images from space the program will recognize changes in the forest fund such as detection of felling ...

09.08.2018 / An automated database of agricultural land will be created in Dagestan

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan reported that the geocenter with an automated database of agricultural land will be created in the region for their more efficient use.

09.08.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: as of July 9, 19.8 million tons of grain was harvested

As of July 9, 2018, grain and leguminous crops were threshed from the area of 5.2 million hectares (in 2017 – 1.3 million hectares). 19.8 million tons of grain were harvested (in 2017 – 5.8 million tons) with the yield of 37.9 c/ha.

12.07.2018 / The venison production will be set up in Kamchatka

The waste-free venison production will be set up in the Karaginsky district of the Kamchatka region. The company will be located on the advanced development territory «Kamchatka». 

11.07.2018 / In 2017 the Kursk region produced agricultural products in the amount of more than 81 billion rubles

Agricultural sector of the region in recent years has shown good results. In 2017 Kursk farmers collected about 16% of grain, 16.5% of oilseeds and almost 20% of sugar beet of the total volume obtained in the Central federal district.

10.07.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: milk sales in agricultural enterprises increased by 2.8%

According to the operational data of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of July 2, 2018 the daily milk sales by agricultural organizations amounted to 47.3 thousand tons, which was a 2.8% rise on the last year (in 2017 – 46.0 thousand tons).

09.07.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: lending for seasonal field work increased by 15.49%

As of July 5, the total amount of loans provided for seasonal field work increased to 186.24 billion rubles, which was a 15.49% rise on the same date of the last year.

06.07.2018 / «Ruskom-Agro» increased the capacity of feed production

«Ruskom-Agro» agricultural holding put into operation the second phase of the plant for the production of animal feed in the Omsk region. As a result, the production capacity of the enterprise increased to 180 thousand tons per year, which will meet the needs of agricultural holding in feed in this region and the Tyumen region.

05.07.2018 / Grain export will reach 45 million tons

The Ministry of Agriculture calculated that in 2018-2019 agricultural years 40-45 million tons of grain will be exported. According to the Department head Dmitry Patrushev, the harvest of 100 million tons and the passing remains of grain reserves from the past years will allow both to saturate the Russian market and send products abroad.