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The European Union develops satellite navigation for Brazilian farmers

The University of Nottingham is working with Brazilian and EU partners to solve atmospheric interference problems that hamper satellite-based positioning in equatorial countries like Brazil.

The research network will support the advancement of precision agriculture, which aims to make crop farming practices cheaper, greener and more efficient, using satellite positioning and remote sensing.

These technologies rely on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to obtain centimeter-accurate coordinates on Earth. Farmers use this real-time precise data to optimize fertilizer use, to steer driverless machinery and for soil mapping.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

19.10.2018 / Authorities of the Kirov region intend to introduce digital agriculture technologies

The Kirov region plans to introduce digital agriculture technologies, such as field maps, high-precision positioning and monitoring of farmland using Earth remote sensing.
The region plans to introduce technologies for monitoring agricultural land using Earth remote sensing (ERS).

16.10.2018 / LoReTT: an algorithm for solving important environmental problems based on satellite imagery will be developed at the Olympics NTI

Participants of «Analysis of satellite images and geospatial data» profile of Olympics NTI will develop an algorithm based on a vast array of imagery, which will help to solve pressing environmental and socio-economic objectives, as well as to assess the state of our planet.

10.10.2018 / Rostec will use drones to monitor agriculture

Rostec’s «Ruselectronics» holding company announced the establishment of a Precision agriculture center, which will monitor agriculture facilities using drones.

18.09.2018 / The State Duma offered to create a unified state geoinformation system of the forest use

It is necessary to create a unified state geoinformation system of the forest resources in Russia. This was stated by Nikolai Nikolaev, the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations.

17.09.2018 / The All-Russia People's Front offers to supplement EGAIS «Forest» with a cartographic module indicating information on the wood origin

It is necessary to equip vehicles transporting timber with GLONASS sensors and include the data of border services and information about the site, on which the wood was cut down, in the system for accounting transactions with forest resources.

14.09.2018 / Accounting of land of the Altai Republic will be based on geoinformation data

In the framework of the state contract with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Altai Republic «Rostelecom» will install a hardware and software complex for registration of state subsidies to farmers online. For the first time, land registration in the region will be based on geoinformation data.

05.09.2018 / WWF Russia announced a tender for the creation of an automated system for obtaining spatial data on the use of forests

WWF Russia announced a tender for the creation of an automated forest monitoring system.
Important information about the status of high conservation value forests is the presence of the leased forest areas for the purposes of timber harvesting and forest plots allocated for timber harvesting on other grounds (agreement of purchase and sale, government contracts and tasks, etc) on their territory.

14.08.2018 / Tatarstan forests will be monitored from space

The Ministry of Forestry of Tatarstan Republic held a presentation of special geographic information services developed for the Ministry within the «Digital model of Tatarstan Republic» project. Using images from space the program will recognize changes in the forest fund such as detection of felling ...

09.08.2018 / An automated database of agricultural land will be created in Dagestan

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan reported that the geocenter with an automated database of agricultural land will be created in the region for their more efficient use.

09.08.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: as of July 9, 19.8 million tons of grain was harvested

As of July 9, 2018, grain and leguminous crops were threshed from the area of 5.2 million hectares (in 2017 – 1.3 million hectares). 19.8 million tons of grain were harvested (in 2017 – 5.8 million tons) with the yield of 37.9 c/ha.

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