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The European Union develops satellite navigation for Brazilian farmers

The University of Nottingham is working with Brazilian and EU partners to solve atmospheric interference problems that hamper satellite-based positioning in equatorial countries like Brazil.

The research network will support the advancement of precision agriculture, which aims to make crop farming practices cheaper, greener and more efficient, using satellite positioning and remote sensing.

These technologies rely on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to obtain centimeter-accurate coordinates on Earth. Farmers use this real-time precise data to optimize fertilizer use, to steer driverless machinery and for soil mapping.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

22.06.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: pig production in agricultural organizations increased by 11.5%

Over the first five months of 2018 the production of pigs for slaughter in live weight in agricultural organizations amounted to 1.64 million tons – by 11.5% more on to the same period of the last year.

20.06.2018 / A student from Krasnoyarsk created agricultural scanner with GLONASS navigation

Roman Akimov, a student from Krasnoyarsk, created an agricultural scanner, which will make it possible to switch to precision farming technologies and increase the crop productivity. The mobile device is an unmanned platform with built-in weather sensors, multispectral camera and software. Arduino Pilot Mega controller enables to follow the given route of the model using GSM and GLONASS navigation.

19.06.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: as of June 18 collection of greenhouse vegetables increased by 10.7%

As of June 18, 2018 the gross collection of greenhouse vegetables in the whole country amounted to 463 thousand tons, which was a 10.7% rise on 2017 (418.2 thousand tons).

Collection of cucumbers totaled 331.7 thousand tons or by 5.7% more than in 2017 (313.7 thousand tons), tomatoes – 123.3 thousand tons, which is a 25.8% increase on 2017 (98.0 thousand tons) ...

19.06.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: lending for seasonal field work increased by 19.54%

As of June 14, the total amount of loans provided for seasonal field work grew to 169.6 billion rubles, which is a 19.54% increase on the same date of the last year.

18.06.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: milk sales in agricultural enterprises increased by 3.6%

According to the operational data of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, as of June 11, 2018 the daily milk sales by agricultural organizations amounted to 47.7 thousand tons – by 3.6% more than in the last year (in 2017 – 46.0 thousand tons).

18.06.2018 / Five cheese factories will be built in the Leningrad region

As part of the creation of a cheese cluster in the Leningrad region, 750 million rubles for 3 years will be allocated from the regional budget for implementation of five projects on the construction of cheese factories total value of about 5 billion rubles.

15.06.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: the rate of crop irrigation in 2018 exceeds the last year’s one

The area of irrigated lands is 4.68 million hectares of the available 9.47 million hectares of reclaimed land in Russia. In 2018 3.89 million hectares of irrigated land (83%) will be used in agricultural production.

15.06.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Agriculture: as of June 13 grain export reached 50.5 million tons

According to the operational data of FCS of Russia, as of June 13 about 50.5 million tons of grain were exported (excluding export to the EAEU countries), which is a 47% increase on the similar period of the last season (34.3 million tons).

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