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22.01.2019 / China will launch 90 satellites for Argentine company

The Chinese Great Wall Industry Corporation will launch 90 satellites into near-earth orbit using the «Changzheng-6» launch vehicles.
The launch will take place under the agreement with the Argentine Satellogi from Taiyuan cosmodrome (Shanxi province in Northern China).

22.01.2019 / Announcement of terms of the launch of the first Russian «Arctica-M» satellite

The Russian «Arctica-M» satellite designed to monitor the climate in the Arctic region will be put into orbit in six months.
«Arctica-M» satellite will have a standard set of equipment for hydrometeorological devices ...

21.01.2019 / It is necessary to develop a GLONASS/Beidou standard for civil consumers

It is necessary to develop a GLONASS/Beidou standard for civilian consumers.
According to experts, under international cooperation within intergovernmental agreements the time has come to make the standard of Russian and Chinese satellite navigation systems ...

17.01.2019 / China opened a center for processing and transmission of satellite data of the Maritime Silk Road

A center for processing and transmission of satellite data of the Maritime Silk Road opened in Fuzhou city of Fujian province in the East of China.
The center, which provides standard information products, value-added products and remote sensing data system, will be widely used in such areas as land, forest and water resources monitoring, environmental protection, agriculture...

17.01.2019 / GLONASS orbital constellation satellite will be withdrawn for scheduled maintenance

«GLONASS-M» No. 744 satellite will be withdrawn for maintenance for a week.
According to the GLONASS system control center, «GLONASS-M» No. 744 satellite (3d working point) will be withdrawn for scheduled maintenance from January 16, 2019 00:30  ...

17.01.2019 / The concept of the GLONASS federal target program will be submitted to the government for consideration

The concept of a new Federal target program on the development of GLONASS satellite system for the period from 2021 to 2030 will be submitted for approval by the Federal authorities in spring.
The task is to complete the development of the program by mid-March and submit it to the government.

15.01.2019 / Earth remote sensing satellites «Kanopus-B» No. 5 and No. 6 transmitted the first pictures

On January 14, 2019 the Russian remote sensing satellites «Kanopus-B» No. 5 and No. 6 launched into orbit on the eve of the new 2019 transmitted the first images of the Earth. The survey was carried out in the framework of flight tests of spacecraft.

14.01.2019 / The Russian «GLONASS-K2» satellite will not be inferior to the capabilities of GPS III

At the end of December 2018 the first satellite of GPS global positioning system of the third generation was put into orbit.
GPS III device launched in December was the first in the orbital constellation consisting of 32 global positioning satellites.

11.01.2019 / India will host the GLONASS ground station

The Indian space research organization (ISRO) is preparing to deploy a ground station of the Russian GLONASS navigation system in India. According to the Times of India, this will improve GLONASS efficiency.
The ground station will be built in Bangalore, where a network of telemetry, tracking and control (Istrac) stations has been already established for ISRO.

10.01.2019 / China launched six «Yunhai-2» meteorological satellites

«Changzheng-2D» launch vehicle with six meteorological and one experimental satellite was launched on December 29 from «Jiuquan» cosmodrome.
Meteorological satellites of the «Yunhai-2» project will carry out atmospheric sensing work ...

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