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12.10.2018 / Data from Russian remote sensing satellites will be processed in Cuba

Roscosmos State Space Corporation announced a tender for implementation of experimental design work «Modernization and further development of the Common geographically distributed information system of Earth remote sensing and enhancement of ground-based systems for receiving, processing, storage and dissemination of Earth remote sensing data in terms of work of 2018-2019» ...

10.10.2018 / China successfully launched «Yaogan-32» remote sensing satellite

On Tuesday China successfully launched the «Yaogan-32» Earth's remote sensing satellite into orbit. This was reported by the Chinese aerospace science and technology corporation (CASC).

09.10.2018 / India is creating its own navigation system, stations will appear in the Novosibirsk region

Russia and India will cooperate in the field of navigation systems in the framework of the manned program, according to the Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin.
The signed memorandum has two accents - manned program and development of cooperation in the field of navigation systems.

09.10.2018 / Launch of the «Canopus» remote sensing satellites is scheduled for December 25

Two «Canopus-B» Earth remote sensing satellites will be launched from the Vostochny spaceport on December 25.
The launch of «Canopus» satellites will be the fourth in the history of the new Russian cosmodrome in the Far East.

09.10.2018 / Launch of the new «Electro-L» remote sensing satellite was postponed for a year

«Lavochkin Research and Production Association» reports that the new «Electro-L» Earth remote sensing satellite will not be launched this year.
«Electro-L» devices are part of the «Electro» geostationary hydrometeorological space system.

03.10.2018 / Launch of the Egyptian Earth remote sensing satellite EgyptSat-A is scheduled for the end of December

Russia will send the Egyptian Earth remote sensing satellite EgyptSat-A into the orbit on December 27, last in the schedule of launches for 2018.
In late August, when visiting RSC Energia developer enterprise Dmitry Rogozin, Roscosmos State Corporation head ...

03.10.2018 / Beidou satellite navigation system began to serve Tibet

On October 1 the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system began to serve the Tibet Autonomous Region /TAR/ in the South-West of the country.
The information platform supported by the Beidou system debuted in Lhasa, the TAR administrative center.

21.09.2018 / The state will spend 34.9 billion rubles on the availability of the Earth remote sensing data

«Information infrastructure» section of the «Digital economy» program involves the creation of domestic digital platforms for the collection, processing and dissemination of spatial and Earth remote sensing data from space, meeting the needs of citizens, business and government.

20.09.2018 / There are only 23 working satellites in the GLONASS orbital constellation

The «GLONASS-M» spacecraft No. 754 was withdrawn from the orbital constellation, now 23 satellites are used for the intended purpose, according to the data on the website of the Information and Analytical Center for Navigation & Coordinate and Time Support.

14.09.2018 / A pilot project for the GLONASS integration with the Chinese Beidou may be launched in November

A pilot project to combine GLONASS with the Chinese Beidou is scheduled for November.
As of now individual companies achieved the effectiveness of some IT solutions and the era of platform solutions is coming.

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