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GLONASS will make it possible to determine the road accident type

Beginning May 23 vehicle owners in Russia can use ERA-GLONASS emergency response system in case of accidents to ask for roadside assistance. To do this, the driver shall simply press the SOS button, after which the vehicle owner will be able to ask for the fuel, wheel replacement, opening of the locked door or repair of a small malfunction on site.

The main advantage of the system is ease of use. Despite the complex equipment such as GLONASS/GPS navigation module, antenna, modem, microphone, speaker, master controller, SIM-card analog and backup power supply in case of deenergizing of the vehicle's onboard network, only one emergency call button SOS located in the rear-view mirror unit is required. Russian vehicle owners will not soon understand all ERA-GLONASS advantages, it should not be forgotten that there is a prospect of constantly being «in sight» of the navigation system, which can be wrongly evaluated. Moreover, in the future it is supposed to use it for automatic recording of traffic violations — from speeding to parking in the wrong place and driving on the opposite lane. Certainly, the introduction of this module will lead to a slight, but still increase in the vehicle price.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

22.06.2018 / Sakhalin: a seismic station using GLONASS signals was installed

In the framework of the project «Study of the trigger deformation effects on data on the Sakhalin seismicity using a new type of seismic sensors»  installed a molecular-electronic seismic station in the South of Sakhalin.

20.06.2018 / ICEYE startup received 34 million US dollars for the development of small map satellites

ICEYE startup, which makes cartographic satellites that are capable of seeing through clouds to provide clear pictures of the Earth's surface, announced that it has raised $34 million in the third-round funding.

19.06.2018 / Russia will share navigation technologies with Kyrgyzstan

The 7th Russia-Kyrgyzstan Interregional Conference dedicated to the introduction of digital technologies completed in Chelyabinsk, according to the local «South Ural panorama» newspaper. This pilot project could be the beginning of the «digital revolution» test of in the Eurasian Economic Union.

06.06.2018 / China confirmed the successful receipt of remote sensing data from the «Gaofen-6» satellite

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) confirmed that one of its institutes Monday successfully tracked and received imaging data from the newly-launched Earth observation satellite «Gaofen-6».
The Miyun station of China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station received the first batch of observation data from the «Gaofen-6» satellite.

05.06.2018 / The traffic police may start using «ERA-GLONASS» to send fines

The main Department for road safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia published the final version of the draft road safety strategy for 2018-2024.
One of the items of the traffic plan is the offer to use ERA-GLONASS devices to prove violations of traffic rules by drivers...

28.05.2018 / Galileo satellite navigation system is preparing for the transition to the second generation satellites

The European Commission published a Notice of intent to enter into a contract for the supply of transitional Galileo satellites. Applications for participation in a tender are accepted till June 20.
The notification of the intent to enter into a contract implies the construction of four new satellites and the creation of additional satellites.

25.05.2018 / China will launch another 11 Beidou-3 navigation satellites by the end of 2018

In 2018 China will launch another 11 BeiDou-3 navigation satellites for the Chinese competitor of GPS and GLONASS, reports Xinhua news agency on May 23.
China has already launched eight BeiDou-3 satellites of the national BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)...

24.05.2018 / «ERA-GLONASS» launched a roadside assistance service

«ERA-GLONASS» JSC, operator of the state system of emergency response in case of accidents «ERA-GLONASS», launched the roadside assistance service for all vehicle owners on May 23.
By pressing the standard SOS button the driver can ask for a fuel, replacement of the wheel, opening of the locked door or, for example, to fix a small malfunction on site...

23.05.2018 / Roscosmos: the digital market of satellite services in Russia will grow 5-7-fold by 2025

The Russian market of digital satellite services is expected to grow 5-7-fold by 2025.
This forecast was made by Igor Komarov, Roscosmos head, at the «Space services for the digital economy» presentation in Moscow.

17.05.2018 / The manufacturer of GLONASS-M satellite announced the date of the new launch

According to Nikolay Testoyedov, General Director of «Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems», GLONASS-M satellite will be launched on June 17 to replace the failed GLONASS No. 734.

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