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Navigation systems minimize human error

As part of the Startup Village the possibilities of regional navigation systems of the new generation for subjects of the Russian Federation were discussed at the round table «Innovations in transport - what is ahead?».

The discussed system of transport control will make the work of passenger buses, road and municipal vehicles, as well as school buses more transparent.

Regional navigation system is a single intellectual core accumulating data on the operation of transport serving the region. The platform can make the work of transport more transparent and eliminates data falsification.

The introduction of modernized regional navigation systems will help to monitor the execution of public contracts in the field of transport in real time. The expert added that such systems can exclude the human factor from the control of the plan-fact of the work between the state customer and the transport company.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

22.06.2018 / Work on the overhaul of the 18-kilometer section of A-130 highway started in the Kaluga region

Rosavtodor’s FKU UprdorMoscow- Bobruysk started the overhaul of a section from 138 to 156 km of A-130 Moscow-Maloyaroslavets-Roslavl to the border with Belarus highway. The work will be carried out in Maloyaroslavets and Medyn districts.

20.06.2018 / The 11-kilometer section of A-156 highway was commissioned ahead of schedule at the approach to Arkhyz in Karachaevo-Circassia

On June 19 Rosavtodor’s FKU Uprdor «Kavkaz» opened the 11-kilometer section (52 km –63 km) of the access road to the international recreation center «Arkhyz» after the overhaul.
The road builders managed to complete works on the difficult section of A-156 highway passing through the mountainous terrain with the four-month ahead of schedule.

15.06.2018 / Cargo handling in the Russian sea ports increased by 2.7% in January-May 2018 to 328.4 million tons

In January-May 2018 Russian seaports handled 328.44 million tons of cargo (+2.7% year-on-year) including 156.3 million tons of dry bulk cargo (+9.0%) and 172.1 million tons of liquid bulk cargo (-2.5%).

Seaports of the Arctic Basin handled 32.0 million tons (+ 9% on 2017) including 11.6 million tons of dry bulk cargo (+3%) and 20.4 million tons of liquid bulk cargo (+ 13 %).

15.06.2018 / In 2018 7 billion rubles of federal funds were allocated for the development of the road sector of the Volgograd region

The length of roads passing through the region exceeds 14 thousand km. The most significant road artery is R-22 «Caspian» federal highway - an integral part of the European and Asian routes of the «North – South» transport corridor, the active development of which is provided by the «Modernization of the transport system of Russia for 2002-2020» federal targeted program.

13.06.2018 / Work on the complex arrangement completed on the «Baikal» highway in the Zabaikalsky region

Rosavtodor’s FKU Uprdor «Zabaykalye» completed works on the complex arrangement of the «Baikal» highway section (937-938 km) within the boundaries of the village of Gorekatsan of the Uletovsky district. For the safety of pedestrians the road workers arranged 1770 m of footpaths, 112 m of sidewalks, 60 m of railing fences.

13.06.2018 / Rosavtodor: the construction of interchange at the intersection of Dmitrov highway and A-107 federal road completed in the Moscow region  

Today, on June 9, 2018 Rosavtodor’s FKU «Centravtomagistral» commissioned the section of the A-104 Moscow – Dmitrov – Dubna (Dmitrov highway) federal road from 44th to 47th km. The road workers expanded the highway from four to six lanes and built a traffic interchange at the intersection of Dmitrov highway and A-107 «Moscow small ring» federal road.

09.06.2018 / Federal road builders will arrange protective layers on the section of A-360 «Lena» highway in Yakutia

Five sections with a total length of almost 26 km in the Aldan district will be brought up to standard by updating the pavement with a mixture of cube-shaped gravel, glass fiber and bitumen emulsion. Another five sections in the Aldan and Neryungri districts will be protected with a thin layer pavement based on cationic-bitumen emulsion.

08.06.2018 / A new section of M-11 «Moscow-Saint-Petersburg» highway opened on June 6

On June 6, «Avtodor» Group opened the longest section of the new highway that will connect Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. This is the 6th stage of construction - from 334 to 543 km of M-11 highway in the Tver and Novgorod regions.

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