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Navigation systems minimize human error

As part of the Startup Village the possibilities of regional navigation systems of the new generation for subjects of the Russian Federation were discussed at the round table «Innovations in transport - what is ahead?».

The discussed system of transport control will make the work of passenger buses, road and municipal vehicles, as well as school buses more transparent.

Regional navigation system is a single intellectual core accumulating data on the operation of transport serving the region. The platform can make the work of transport more transparent and eliminates data falsification.

The introduction of modernized regional navigation systems will help to monitor the execution of public contracts in the field of transport in real time. The expert added that such systems can exclude the human factor from the control of the plan-fact of the work between the state customer and the transport company.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

04.12.2018 / Tests of autonomous vehicles on the M11 highway are postponed for the next year

Autonomous «connected» and electric vehicles will enter the M11 highway only next year.
Tests on the M-11 highway will begin next year. It was planned to launch this project at the end of November 2018, but the procedures of the Ministry of Transport and Avtodor concerning this project were delayed.

29.11.2018 / The number of emergency calls concerning road accidents through «ERA-GLONASS» increased with the beginning of snowfalls in Russia

«ERA-GLONASS» records the increase in the number of emergency calls because of the beginning of snowfalls in Russia.
The largest increase in the number of calls was recorded in regions with the sharp deterioration of weather conditions.

27.11.2018 / An interdepartmental working group approved the «Autodata» project

An interdepartmental working group under the chairmanship of Maxim Akimov and Andrey Belousov approved the «Autodata» project, which will be implemented by NTI «Avtonet» in the near future.
By 2030 62% of sold vehicles will be partially autonomous, 8% - fully autonomous.

15.11.2018 / A digital transport platform will be created in Russia in two weeks

The Ministry of Transport announced a tender to develop the concept of a digital platform for the Russian transport system. The Agency offered to prepare it within two weeks.
The tender was announced on November 7. The Ministry of Transport will pay 70 million rubles for the platform creation.

12.11.2018 / Digital transport and logistics system will monitor railway cargo transportations

The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the state «GLONASS» JSC («ERA-GLONASS» operator) to work out the issue of creating a single digital transport and logistics system in Russia in the near future. At the same time, it is planned to transfer 50% of the operator's shares to the authorized capital of Russian Railways and 50% - to «Rostec».

01.11.2018 / Automated systems of meteorological control will ensure safety on winter roads

More than a thousand automated systems of meteorological control and about a thousand traffic intensity points will ensure safety on the federal highways of Russia this winter.

29.10.2018 / Unmanned trucks will be tested on the M-11 highway

By the end of the year tests of unmanned trucks will begin on the M-11 highway.
Tests of technologies and infrastructure for the movement of unmanned, connected and electric vehicles shall start before November 30, 2018.

19.10.2018 / «SKOLKOVO» fund and «GLONASS» will develop intelligent transport systems

NP «GLONASS» will create a company-developer «Intelligent transport systems» for tracking traffic on the territory of the SKOLKOVO innovation center. The relevant agreement was signed on the final day of the «Open innovations» international forum.

24.09.2018 / The vehicle with navigation seals was launched between Russia and Kazakhstan

Until November 1 the Federal Customs Service and operator of the «Platon» system will conduct an experiment to track transit freight traffic between Russia and Kazakhstan using navigation seals. It started on September 20, as it was announced at the Eastern Economic Forum.

11.09.2018 / An experiment to monitor the road transportation of goods will be conducted on the EAEU territory

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree No. 1890-r of September 8, 2018 to conduct the experiment on monitoring road transportation of goods carried between the Russian customs authorities and the customs authorities of other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union in accordance with the customs procedure of customs transit  ...

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