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Navigation systems minimize human error

As part of the Startup Village the possibilities of regional navigation systems of the new generation for subjects of the Russian Federation were discussed at the round table «Innovations in transport - what is ahead?».

The discussed system of transport control will make the work of passenger buses, road and municipal vehicles, as well as school buses more transparent.

Regional navigation system is a single intellectual core accumulating data on the operation of transport serving the region. The platform can make the work of transport more transparent and eliminates data falsification.

The introduction of modernized regional navigation systems will help to monitor the execution of public contracts in the field of transport in real time. The expert added that such systems can exclude the human factor from the control of the plan-fact of the work between the state customer and the transport company.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

11.03.2019 / Russia and China are on the way to form digital transport corridors

An order No. 336-r of February 28, 2019 on the practical development of mechanisms for monitoring traffic between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China using the technology of GLONASS and BeiDou satellite navigation systems is published on the Government's website today.

27.02.2019 / Introduction of telematics in transport will reduce fraud in auto insurance and the number of road accidents

The widespread introduction of telematics in transport will contribute to the fact that fraud in MTPL and hull insurance can be stopped, while road accidents are likely to be prevented.
Based on the big data on driving style it is possible to predict when the accident occurs with a particular driver.

20.02.2019 / Artificial intelligence will fight against traffic jams

NTI «AutoNet» plans to use artificial intelligence to fight against traffic jams. The pilot project will be implemented in Samara.
The majority of vehicles in the city must be equipped with V2X communication technologies...

08.02.2019 / The government tightens requirements for safety of autonomous vehicle testing

The government agency – Center for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) – published a new «Code of practice for testing autonomous vehicles» – an updated version of its 2015 driverless vehicle code of practice.

06.02.2019 / The European project on the promotion of autonomous vehicles collects partners

ARCADE (Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe), a project established by the European Union four months ago, is aimed to coordinate cooperation and collaboration between participants of the process of safe and coordinated development and distribution of connected and automatic driving (CAD).

24.01.2019 / The first company announced its desire to test the self-driving car on the roads of Moscow

The first company submitted the application to test its unmanned vehicle on public roads of Moscow.
In November 2018 the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the beginning of self-driving car tests on public roads ...

21.01.2019 / The RAMI mobile application for registration of the europrotocol will be launched this year

The mobile application for registration of the road accident under europrotocol without participation of traffic police will be launched this year.
This mobile application is developed by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI). It is planned that users will be identified in the application by means of a single portal of public services.

18.01.2019 / Vehicles will start to «talk» with the road infrastructure in three years

The «machine – any object» (C-V2X) cellular technology will soon be integrated into vehicles. This will enable drivers to know what is in front of them before they meet it.
Ford promised to integrate C-V2X technology into all new models of its vehicles in the United States beginning 2022.

27.12.2018 / The Cabinet of Ministers allowed not to equip buses with GLONASS systems till July 1, 2019

The Russian government allowed not equipping passenger vehicles with GLONASS systems till July 1, 2019. The relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

17.12.2018 / «Russian Railways» JSC received dedicated radio frequencies to use LTE technologies

As part of the digital transformation, the «Russian Railways» holding received 1785-1805 MHz radio frequencies to use LTE technology in railway transport in Russia.
This solution makes it possible to deploy data networks to introduce the most modern technologies.

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