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The source announced dates of the new launches of remote sensing satellites from the Vostochny Cosmodrome

«Roscosmos» State Corporation set preliminary dates of the next launches from the Vostochny Cosmodrome — December 6 and December 26.

The rockets have been already manufactured by the «Progress» Rocket Space Center in Samara and sent to the cosmodrome. «The direct work on testing the rocket units, their integration and preparation for launch will start in mid—autumn,» - specified interlocutor.

The «Soyuz-2.1b» rocket is designed to deliver «Meteor-M» (No. 2-2) observation satellite into orbit. The «Soyuz-2.1a» rocket will be used to launch two Earth remote sensing satellites «Kanopus-V» (No. 5 and No. 6).

«Fregat-M» and «Fregat» upper stages for these launches are produced by Lavochkin Research and Production Association and spacecrafts – by VNIIEM Corporation.

Earlier it was reported that one or both launches could be postponed to 2019 because of the spacecraft unavailability. VNIIEM denied this information.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

20.03.2019 / The «Nauka» module will be equipped with Earth remote sensing devices

The «Nauka» (Science) multifunctional module set to be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2020 will be furnished with platforms to accommodate satellite equipment.

07.03.2019 / Russia will launch almost 50 satellites in 2019-2021

Russia plans to launch 47 satellites in 2019-2021 as part of the Federal space program.
Within the framework of the Federal space program of Russia for 2016-2025, it is planned to launch 15 satellites in 2019, 15 satellites in 2020 and 17 satellites in 2021, according to materials of the portal.

07.03.2019 / China plans to launch 10 «Beidou» navigation satellites in 2019

In 2019 China intends to launch 8-10 «Beidou» navigation satellites and all MEO satellites (medium Earth orbit), according to the Bureau of management of satellite navigation of China.Since the creation of satellite constellation of the «Beidou-3» basic system and the beginning of providing global services the system has been steadily functioning.

01.03.2019 / The first launch of OneWeb under the «Glavkosmos» contract was successful

The first OneWeb-pilot spacecraft (SC) were launched by «Soyuz-ST-B» rocket with «Fregat-M» upper stage on February 28 at 00: 37 MT (February 27 at 18:37 Guiana time) from the Guiana space center.

25.02.2019 / A space-oriented scientific and educational center is being created in the Krasnoyarsk region

The scientific and educational center being created in the Krasnoyarsk region will combine competencies of leading research institutes and universities in the interests of the Russian space industry.
The creation of scientific and educational centers is provided by a number of state documents ...

22.02.2019 / Putin instructed to create the National space center and develop satellites

The Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian Roscosmos State Corporation and the government of Moscow to form a National space center. According to him, such a center will ensure the work of main space organizations ...

22.02.2019 / Russia established a space radiation monitoring system

The system of control of solar and space radiation is created in the Russian orbital constellation.
Russia created a system of radiation monitoring in the near-earth space in different orbits.

19.02.2019 / Navigation system is being prepared for the Lunar program

Specialists of the rocket and space industry are preparing a project to organize navigation support of Lunar programs.
Solution of navigation problems for the Lunar program is provided by the use of satellite and autonomous navigation.

13.02.2019 / Roscosmos. Monitoring of emergency situations using Earth remote sensing devices

«Roscosmos» State Corporation continues to carry out operational space monitoring of emergency situations in Russia in the interests of EMERCOM of Russia - ice conditions, snow avalanches, collapse of houses, flooding, etc., as well as on territories of foreign states in the interests of the International Charter on space and major disasters.

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