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The source announced dates of the new launches of remote sensing satellites from the Vostochny Cosmodrome

«Roscosmos» State Corporation set preliminary dates of the next launches from the Vostochny Cosmodrome — December 6 and December 26.

The rockets have been already manufactured by the «Progress» Rocket Space Center in Samara and sent to the cosmodrome. «The direct work on testing the rocket units, their integration and preparation for launch will start in mid—autumn,» - specified interlocutor.

The «Soyuz-2.1b» rocket is designed to deliver «Meteor-M» (No. 2-2) observation satellite into orbit. The «Soyuz-2.1a» rocket will be used to launch two Earth remote sensing satellites «Kanopus-V» (No. 5 and No. 6).

«Fregat-M» and «Fregat» upper stages for these launches are produced by Lavochkin Research and Production Association and spacecrafts – by VNIIEM Corporation.

Earlier it was reported that one or both launches could be postponed to 2019 because of the spacecraft unavailability. VNIIEM denied this information.

Source: GIS-Association information portal

10.12.2018 / China successfully put two Saudi remote sensing satellites into orbit

The Chinese «Changzheng-2D» carrier rocket with satellites on board was successfully launched. Two satellites of Saudi Arabia and ten Chinese microsatellites were put into orbit.
The launch of the two-stage «Changzheng-2D» carrier rocket took place at 12:12 from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome in Northern China. Satellites are now in the orbit.

07.12.2018 / Neogeography: the Kingdom of Morocco received the second ERS satellite

On November 20, 2018 the Vega carrier launched from the Kourou base successfully put the second Mohammed VI-B Earth remote sensing satellite into orbit.
The new device along with the Mohammed VI-A ERS satellite launched a year earlier will form the double-satellite national dual-use constellation ...

06.12.2018 / In February Russia will open a center for receiving data from sensing satellites in Antarctica  

The ground center for receiving and processing information from Earth remote sensing satellites will be opened in Antarctica.
Commissioning of the ground center for receiving and processing information from remote sensing satellites in Antarctica is scheduled for February 2019.

03.12.2018 / Hydrographers specified coordinates of new islands discovered using satellite images of the Russian Space Agency

The expedition of the hydrographic service of the North Sea fleet completed oceanographic research in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, where in 2016 and 2017 schoolchildren discovered two islands near the Vise glacier of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago with the help of satellite images from Russian remote sensing satellites and with the support of «Roscosmos» State Corporation.

29.11.2018 / Digital orientation: RSS projects for economic development

Commercialization of developments and search for extra – budgetary sources of funding is one of the urgent tasks of space instrument-making and the entire rocket and space industry. «Roscosmos» State Corporation, its enterprises, including «Russian Space Systems» and subsidiaries, are focused today on the maximum use of high-tech opportunities for the digital economy development.

28.11.2018 / RSS specialists presented a high-precision positioning network

Specialists of the «Russian Space Systems» holding (RSS) presented the opportunities of infrastructure projects for the digital economy of Russia at the VII International innovation forum held in Zheleznogorsk.

26.11.2018 / The high-orbit space complex can be deployed until 2025

Today «Roscosmos» is actively working on the issue to create the GLONASS high-orbit space complex (HSC). According to the current plans, its deployment shall be completed by 2025.
The work on the main HSC conceptual design shall begin next year.

22.11.2018 / A Vega rocket with a remote sensing satellite on board was launched from the Kourou cosmodrome

The Vega launch vehicle with the Mohammed VI satellite on board successfully launched from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana.
The launch took place at 10.43 local time (04.43 MSK). The launch was broadcast on the website of the Arianespace operator.

30.10.2018 / Japan launched two satellites using H-IIA F40 rocket

On Monday Japan launched two scientific satellites using the H-IIA F40 launch vehicle; the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA broadcasted a live launch report from the Tanegashima Space Center.

24.10.2018 / Roscosmos accepts proposals for insurance of the «GLONASS-M» No. 57 satellite launch

A request for proposals on risk insurance during the launch of «GLONASS-M» No. 57 satellite, «Soyuz-2.1b» launch vehicle, assembly and protection unit (head fairing) and «Fregat» upper stage has been announced. The maximum contract value is 178 million rubles.


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