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15.08.2018 / Scientists formed a map of thermal anomalies of Krasnoyarsk

The hottest points of the regional center were identified by scientists of the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center SB RAS and Siberian Federal University.
Researchers used space images of the city in the summer cloudless days for this study. According to them, there are two types of thermal anomalies – of natural and anthropogenic origin. Scientists note areas with open bare soil well–absorbing solar radiation ...

07.08.2018 / Ethnoagritourist map will be created in Bashkortostan

Scientists of the Sibai Institute of Bashkir State University won a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) for the development of the «Ethno-tourism development strategy in the Republic of Bashkortostan» project.

07.08.2018 / AEF 2018 created a digital map of global challenges

The work on the key research of the past Astana Economic Forum – Global Challenges Summit 2018: Mapping the Global Challenges Agenda was completed.
The unique international research of AEF 2018 Global Challenges Summit is devoted to the perception of the global agenda by humanity...

06.08.2018 / The flood zone map for the Voronezh region will be formed by the end of 2019

A map of flood zones will be formed in the Voronezh region. The regional department of natural resources and environment will sign a contract with the contractor in the coming days. The work will be carried out by the capital's research and production company, which specializes in the development of technological solutions related to the use of navigation and surveying equipment.

03.08.2018 / Scheme of territorial planning of the Stavropol region will change before the end of 2018

The map containing the development plan of the Stavropol region will be changed in connection with the updated federal and regional strategies.
Adjustments will be made after publication of the updated strategy of socio-economic development of the region ...

03.08.2018 / The Russian Ministry of Construction published an interactive map of participants of small towns and historical settlements competition

All developments submitted to the competition of small towns and historical settlements are published on the interactive map of the competition projects. The project has been already implemented on the official website of the competition and it displays all 455 concepts from 82 regions submitted to the organizing committee in April this year.

31.07.2018 / 2GIS on Apple Watch

2GIS released an app for Apple Watch. Now a detailed city map can be used directly on the watch.
At startup the application will determine the user's geoposition and displays it in the screen center. Using the Digital Crown wheel makes it possible to zoom the map from 3D models of houses and attractions to the city level.

27.07.2018 / Esri announces new product for indoor-mapping, visualization and navigation

Esri, the world leader in geographic information software and location-based spatial analysis, announced the release of a new solution for ArcGIS Indoors. It provides the work with interactive maps of the interior space of premises and real estate, shopping and commercial complexes ...

26.07.2018 / The national ecological map was created in Irkutsk

Residents of Irkutsk created a national environmental map. Now anyone can mark places, where there are environmental problems or environmental legislation is violated, on it. 53 points have been already marked on the project site.

19.07.2018 / Borders of the Southern Urals will be marked on the Rosreestr cadastral map

In 2018 borders between Chelyabinsk and two neighboring regions, Kurgan and Orenburg, will appear on the public Rosreestr cadastral map.
The Ministry of property of the region collects information on the boundaries between regions to include it in the unified state register of real estate. Previously the boundaries were marked on paper, now - in electronic form.