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Geo-information systems are a new way of structuring many types of information.

GIS has the unique ability to combine disembodied data.


Geo-information products include tools for:

  • creation and editing of digital maps of various industries and markets,
  • fulfillment of necessary measurements and calculations,
  • preparation of graphic reports in digital and printed form,
  • working with databases.

GIS makes it possible to:

  • efficiently manage business processes;
  • assess performance of the business and its subsidiaries;
  • analyze competitive environment;
  • monitor the overlap of activities of business units belonging to the same network;
  • optimize logistics and reduce transportation costs;
  • make the right decisions on business development, assess the need and feasibility of opening new sales points;
  • find the most favorable locations for new business units;forecast the capacity of regional markets of products of interest.
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