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In April 2018 new car sales grew by 21%

New car sales

In Jan-Apr 2018 new car sales grew by 17.6% on the same period of 2017 to 472 thousand units. In April 2018 over 147 thousand new cars were sold which was a 21% rise on April 2017.

Russian brands account for 21.8% - nearly the same share as a year ago, at that Russian brands sales grew by 20.5%, whereas foreign brands sales were 16.8% up.

LADA is the market leader with a 21% market share and 98.2 thousand new cars sold. At that LADA increased its sales by 22.4%.

KIA and HYUNDAI came second and third with 13.3% and 11% of new car sales correspondingly. During the period under consideration KIA sales went 20.4% up and HYUNDAI sales grew by 11.2%.

New LCV sales

New LCV sales in Jan-Apr 2018 amounted to 38.1 thousand vehicles, which was a 6.7 growth on the same period a year ago. Unlike March 2018, when sales went down by 7.5%, in April sales showed a 9.5% rise on April 2017.

Foreign brands sales grew by 33.5% whereas Russian brands showed just a 3.2% increase.

GAZ with 15.5 thousand new vehicles sold accounted for 41% of new LCV sales, at that GAZ sales went 11.5% up.

UAZ sales, on the contrary, declined: UAZ sold 6.9 thousand LCV, which was a 25% fall on Jan-Apr 2017. The market share went down from 26% to 18%.

Ford is the most popular foreign brand on the Russian LCV market. Ford sales grew by 77.8% and the market share went up from 5% to 8%.

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