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Respiratory morbidity rate is higher in environmentally unfriendly regions

The “Green Patrol” organization reports that the most environmentally unfriendly regions of Russia are Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Moscow regions. (as of Spring 2017). The National Industrial Information Agency analyzed the association between the environmental condition and morbidity[1].

The National Industrial Information Agency analyzed three disease groups – respiratory infections, GIT infections and skin infections – and adult morbidity.

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The average respiratory morbidity in Russia is 5.70 cases per thousand adults, whereas in Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Moscow regions it is 5.90, 8.54 and 8.20 cases correspondingly.

The highest respiratory morbidity rate is found in Komi Republic and Saint Petersburg: 14.30 and 14.15 cases respectively.

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The average GIT morbidity in Russia is 0.17 cases per 1000 adults. In the three regions under consideration GIT morbidity did not prove to be significantly higher than the average: in Chelyabinsk region – 0.19, in Moscow region – 0.17, and in Sverdlovsk region – 0.16.

The highest GIT morbidity rate is found in Nenets autonomous region, Saint Petersburg and Sakhalin region: 0.40, 0.37 and 0.33 cases respectively.


Skin disease prevalence makes 0.106 cases per 1000 adults on average in Russia. In the most environmentally unfriendly regions, however, the rate is lower than the average: in Sverdlovsk region – 0.025, in Chelyabinsk region – 0.008 and in Moscow region – 0.003 cases.

The “problem regions” in relation to skin diseases are Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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