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Ready-to-use Map Data

Ready-to-use Map Data are finished forms (maps) with all the necessary information provided to the customer. Obtaining information using express reports does not require the development of full-fledged geo-information software for the customer. The format of Ready-to-use Map Data involves loading the relevant databases into the system and obtaining the result in the form of maps that contain the required data.

Which databases can be used to form the express report? This can be the list of industrial facilities, logistics schemes, transport arteries, a network of sales centers or any infrastructure objects - in short, everything that has a location and can be described using spatial coordinates.

The work with Ready-to-use Map Data can be based on two schemes.

1. The customer provides databases to load them into the system. In this case the order fulfillment takes about 5 working days.

2. The customer does not provide databases to load them into the system. In this case the order is discussed individually, deadlines are adjusted.

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