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Region portfolio

Each region of the Russian Federation is a complex system with unique geographical, economic, natural, environmental and other characteristics. It is important to know and take into account the specifics of this system when making any investment in the region, whether the production, construction of housing or shopping centers.

The most important characteristics and regional features for investment activities are:

  • legislative features, tax benefits, special economic zones, industrial parks;
  • industrial infrastructure of the region, location and specialization of enterprises in various sectors of the economy;
  • transport and logistics infrastructure of the region, availability of warehouse terminals;
  • energy resources of the region;
  • water and land resources, minerals;
  • human resources (population, demographic structure, educational level and specialization);
  • economic situation of the population (average income, unemployment rate);
  • ecological situation of the region, the level of environmental pollution, public health.

Many aspects that need to be taken into account when creating a comprehensive region portfolio arise from these key factors and their combinations. The most effective way to work with all these parameters is to display the data spatially – moving each parameter to the map as a layer. Such data visualization enables to clearly present information on the intensity, manifestation of the necessary region characteristics, correlate them with each other and make the necessary conclusions.

The cartographic approach to the creation of the region's profile provides for the fully-fledged analysis of all available data and allows you to answer all questions before the start of investment activities. Cartographic analysis of different region characteristics can be also used as an independent environmental, ecological and archaeological expertise.

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