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Drone technology

18.03.2019 / The air quality in the Moscow region will be monitored using drones

The ecomonitoring service of the Moscow region will use unmanned aerial vehicles to control air quality; the first two devices will be purchased in 2019, according to Dmitry Kurakin, the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of ecology and environmental management of the region.

14.03.2019 / Dagestan authorities intend to use «GEOSCAN» drones for cadastral works

Dagestan authorities intend to use unmanned aerial vehicles of «GEOSCAN» group of companies for cadastral works and digitalization of the Republic territory.
The use of drones will make it possible to «quickly obtain complete, current and regularly updated information on the state of urban environment...

06.03.2019 / European automakers created a partnership for the joint development of autonomous vehicles

In the framework of memorandum signed at the end of the last week Daimler and BMW experts plan to develop the full-fledged autonomous vehicle of the third and fourth level capable to independently move on the highways, park and provide other services to the driver. The memorandum implies cooperation for a long period. 

05.03.2019 / Drones were used in Australia to count the koala population

The population of one of the species of marsupial koalas decreases in some areas of Australia. In connection with this trend this species is under the scrutiny of scientists and is subject to regular counting of individuals. The traditional method of counting is to observe marsupial bears from the ground using binoculars.

05.03.2019 / Training courses for operators of unmanned vehicles will appear in Russia

The working group of the national technology initiative (NTI) «AutoNet» under the leadership of Alexander Morozov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, and Alexander Gurko, NP «GLONASS» head, approved the project to create 12 training centers for operators to control unmanned vehicles in Russia.

19.02.2019 / Megalopolises will receive self-driving cars and highly developed navigation infrastructure by 2040

Experts of the «GLONASS/GNSS Forum» Association conducted a number of studies on the use of AutoNet technologies.
The most important direction aimed to develop motor transport in general and auto navigation in particular is the vehicle robotization.

15.02.2019 / Russia will create an area for testing drones for 1 billion rubles

More than 1 billion rubles will be invested in the creation of Russia's first pilot area for testing unmanned aircraft in the Tomsk region.
Currently Russian scientists are working on the creation of cargo drones that will be able to deliver goods to Siberia and the Far North.

05.02.2019 / Geoscan presented unmanned aeromagnetic complex in Laos

On January 25 the Russian center of science and culture in Vientiane held a presentation of technologies created by Geoscan in the field of aeromagnetic research using unmanned aerial vehicles and terrain envelope.
Domestic developments were presented by experts of the company Dmitry Gogolev and Dmitry Capstan.

04.02.2019 / The mayor's office of Petrozavodsk began to use drones to detect illegal buildings

The authorities of Petrozavodsk began to use drones to detect illegal constructions on the land.
The first launch of the drone took place; objects were recorded from the air over inaccessible land plots.

23.01.2019 / A test site for drones will be created in the Tomsk region

An experimental pilot zone for unmanned aircraft systems will be created in the Tomsk region within the framework of the «Taiga» federal project.
In December 2018 the first stage of the project ...

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