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Drone technology

04.12.2018 / Scientists from Tomsk developed a method for studying the melting of glaciers using drones

Geographers from Tomsk State University (TSU) developed and tested a new method of studying the melting of glaciers using drones. Now scientists begin to form three-dimensional models to identify the dynamics of changes in the volume of glacier and predict global climatic processes on the basis of aerial photography using drones.

09.11.2018 / Uncontrolled drones

Flights of unmanned aircraft often threaten the safety of aircraft passengers and people on the ground. But there are no legal mechanisms to identify violators and stop the invasion of drones yet. Such devices are not available abroad as well.

07.11.2018 / Grounds to test unmanned vehicles on public roads are created in Russia

Public discussion and independent anti-corruption expertise in relation to the draft Resolution of the Russian Government «On experiment on trial operation of highly automated vehicles on public roads» are carried out on the federal portal of draft normative legal acts.

25.10.2018 / Russian Railways will equip trains with aviation drones

The Russian Railways plan to equip repair and recovery trains with aviation drones.
Experts of the scientific and design institute of Russian Railways «NIIAS» JSC and the Association of domestic manufacturers of unmanned aviation systems are currently working on solving this problem.

23.10.2018 / DJI presented the quadrocopter for the industrial segment and use in cartography and geodesy

The Chinese DJI presented Phantom 4 RTK-a high-precision quadcopter with an updated camera and smart image processing system. The novelty is designed for the industrial segment and can be used in cartography and geodesy.

12.10.2018 / «Messoyakha» tests drones

Pilot tests of unmanned aerial vehicles were conducted at the East Messoyakha field. «Smart» machines will enable «Messoyakhaneftegaz» specialists, developing the polar field, to promptly receive information on the condition of pipelines and ground production infrastructure in hard-to-reach zones of the license area.

04.10.2018 / «Vityaz» self-driving will conduct a live broadcast from the Mariana trench

The Russian «Vityaz» marine unmanned vehicle, which is planned to be sent to study the Mariana trench, will conduct a live broadcast from a depth of 11 thousand meters.

13.09.2018 / It is offered to set up the drone production in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Scientists offer to set up the drone production in the Far East.
According to the idea, drones can be involved, including in the delivery of goods to remote areas, for example the Arctic.


29.08.2018 / Bye Aerospace Startup tested a solar powered drone

The American Bye Aerospace conducted flight tests of StratoAirNet drone, in which the usual battery is replaced by solar ones.
One of the main problems of unmanned vehicles and aircraft with electric motors is limited battery capacity. 

12.07.2018 / The Chinese company plans to set up UAV production in Uzbekistan

«Geoinnovation center» state unitary enterprise of Uzbekistan and the Chinese BShark Holdings Ltd signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), reports UzDaily on July 10.

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